Women’s Plans

Women’s Plans

As an independent woman, you live life on your own terms. You contribute to your family and have created your niche - at home, at work place and in society. Your roles and responsibilities create unique challenges for you.

Maintaining your financial independence is crucial and life insurance plans helps you to do so. Besides providing insurance coverage, they also enable you to create wealth- for your family and for yourself. Most of woman contributes to their family's income - by working fulltime or being an entrepreneur and hence wants to secure their loved one's future. For those who are stay at home, life insurance is an easy way to channelize the savings into wealth by investing.

Life insurance helps make sure that your plans for your family's future don't get derailed in case of your absence. If you are a mother, you also have responsibility towards your child and you need an assurance that you have safeguarded your children's financial future.

You need to consider the fact that women tend to live longer than men- which means that there should be enough for you to take care of yourself after you or your spouse's retirement.

While providing an excellent savings tool for your short term and long term financial goals, these plans also assure your family a certain sum by way of an insurance cover.

There are different plans available; we help you choose the right plan for you.