Savings and Investment Plans

Savings & Investment Plans

Savings & Investment plans combine wealth creation with insurance protection into one powerful financial solution. Unlike other investment alternatives, it allows you to ensure that your goals of wealth creation are achieved even in the event of serious illness, accidents, disablement or death.

They allow you to create build and manage wealth by giving several choices and great flexibility so that your plan meets your specific needs. You can decide how you wish to save so that it suits your savings habit. You can choose how your money is invested so that you can grow wealth as per your investment preferences. What is even better, it protects your wealth plans with life insurance benefits so that your wealth-building efforts remain unaffected in unforeseen events and your financial goals can still be achieved.

Life insurance is sometimes thought of as for those who might die, but savings & Investment plans are for those who will live. Usually life insurance products provide benefits upon death, but these plans are designed to also give Living Benefits to ensure your well-being in your own lifetime.

Savings & Investment plans can protect your Wealth Plan against a range of events such as death, major diseases, sickness requiring hospitalisation, serious accidental injuries or total and permanent disablement. With other investment products, if any such event happens, you may not be able to save as planned or even be forced to withdraw from your savings. But in Savings & Investment plans, these benefits allow you to meet additional expenses without affecting your cash value/ fund value so that your plans to save and accumulate wealth are not affected even if life throws surprises at you. Wealth grows better under a protective cover because life’s uncertainties cannot deplete wealth, which otherwise they would normally do.

There are different plans available; we help you choose the right plan for you.