Pension Plans

Pension Plans

Your retirement years allow you to leisurely enjoy everything you always aspired for. That’s why we call them the Golden Years of your life. You need to plan well so that you don’t just retire, you retire well.

Pension Plans are Plans that gaze into your future and foresee financial stability during your old age. These policies are most suited for those planning a secure future, so that you never give up on the best things in life.

Increasing life expectancy rate, rising health care costs, absence of social security system in India and disintegration of joint family system are some of the key reasons that makes retirement planning very critical.

India's average life expectancy is slated to increase to over 75 years by 2050 from the present level of close to 65 years. Life spans have been increasing due to better health and sanitation conditions in the country. However, the average number of years of employment has not been rising commensurately. The result is an increase in the number of post-retirement years. Accordingly, it has become necessary to ensure regular income for life after retirement, so that you can live with pride and enjoy your twilight years.

There are different plans available; we help you choose the right plan for you.