Our Role

Our Role

Pre Placement

  • Align employee’s benefits philosophy and strategy with insurance portfolio in a way to promote employee retention and attract talent.
  • Detailed scrutiny & analysis of existing Insurance Companies.
  • Identify various insurance covers required to cover the associated risks.
  • Scan the insurance markets to identify the best underwriters.
  • Prepare quote sheet in consultation with client and incorporating all terms, conditions and features including past claims history. These are then floated to various insurers. The insurers are selected on the basis of proven track record of handling post placement services especially claims.
  • A considered call is taken on the TPA (Third Party Administrator) who shall have a proper track record of handling the claims with an effective TAT, have empanelled best hospitals and who have negotiated economical packages with the hospital.
  • The quotes received from the insurers are checked to ensure all conditions are complied with. Thereafter these quotes are further negotiated with the insurers to arrive at the most competitive price with widest possible coverage.
  • The negotiated quotes are thereafter submitted to the Corporate for their analysis, and approval.


  • Once the Corporate approves the quote, the proposal form with related documents / data and premium cheque is placed with the selected insurer without any delay and cover note obtained. This is to ensure that the cover becomes effective on due date complying with Section 64 VB.
  • In Group Mediclaim cover, special care is taken to ensure that new joinees are covered from day 1 through maintenance of CD account with the insurers.
  • The insurance policy is thereafter obtained from the insurers within, say, 7 working days and deposited with the Corporate.
  • Other steps related to activation of TPA (Third party Administrators) through proper enlistment of the Corporate insurance policy, issuance of ID cards, circulation of hospitals list is immediately initiated.
  • Aspire will always maintained the best level of services to all its clients. We insist on SLA (Service level Agreement) between the Insured, us and TPA, to strictly adhere to the level of Service desired by the client especially in the matter of Group Mediclaim Insurance Cover.

Post Placement

  • We optimize employee awareness of all terms, conditions and features of the insurance cover through a seminar at the inception of the cover. PPT and FAQs are prepared on the above lines for circulation to the employees and new joiners keeping them fully informed at all times.
  • TPA who is a party to the SLA is regularly prompted to issue E-cards / Physical cards besides other activities on time.
  • Steps are immediately initiated towards endorsements and data management for additions and deletions both with insurers and TPA.
  • Regular