Health Plans

Health Plans

In today's fast paced & stressful life you are striving hard to give best of everything to your family. Yet you never know when you or your family may have to face any medical emergencies. If at all such situation arises, it is likely to stress your immediate cash flows. In the absence of adequate health insurance protection there may be a need to liquidate assets or borrow money to pay medical expenses. Moreover in such situations other financial commitments of regular savings may take back seat due to expenses on medical care, thus impacting achievements of any long term financial goals.

Further, the cost of medical care is increasing due to inflation and rapid advancements in medical technology. At the same time the longevity is improving thus forcing us to consume more medical care.

In such scenarios, while it is extremely important for you to adopt a healthy life style, it is also important to have a comprehensive health insurance plan which will take care of some of the medical expenses that you may incur.

These plans provide guaranteed fixed benefit payouts irrespective of the actual hospital bill amount. These plans focus on helping the insured meet the cost of two major heads of medical expenses hospital room charges and cost of surgery. The plan has a fixed payout for each day of hospitalisation and a fixed payout for different categories of surgeries. These are called fixed payouts because the insured, in the case of a valid claim, will get this amount from the insurance company, irrespective of the actual expense incurred.

There are different plans available; we help you choose the right plan for you.