The Events Insurance Portfolio includes cover for cancellation and abandonment, property damage and legal liability and offers you the flexibility to choose an insurance package to match the exact cover you require.

Cancellation : We arrange insurance solutions in which if your event is cancelled for reasons beyond your control, your irrecoverable expenses will be reimbursed, up to the limit you choose. This includes cancellation following terrorism for your event.

Property damage : We arrange insurance solutions that will cover loss of or damage to your property (or property you are responsible for) either at or traveling to and from your event up to the limit selected by you. The cover also includes loss of or damage to the venue's buildings, fixtures, fittings and machinery up to the stipulated limit selected by you. This property insurance section covers the property used in the event. The premium is usually dependent upon the value of the property to be covered. The levels of cover can vary depending on your event needs and you should discuss these with the event insurance broker.

Legal liabilities : We arrange insurance solutions that provides cover if you have to pay compensation to a third party following accidental bodily injury or damage to their property if the incident happens during your event. The cover also includes legal defence and injuries from food poisoning caused by food or drink served as hospitality by you. It is basically a kind of liability cover as standard. You can also purchase additional cover for Employers liability ; We arrange insurance solutions that provides cover for a suitable limit of your choice your legal liability to your own and casual staff.

Adverse weather : We arrange insurance solutions that provides cover for outdoor events (in the open or in a temporary structure)Interruption cover for teleconferencing - available for picture, audio or data image communication links

Non-appearance of key persons : We arrange insurance solutions that provides cover if your event is dependent in whole or part on key speakers, celebrities or entertainers

We arrange insurance solutions
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