Credit Insurance

All employer of the company can take the policy as the employer will have interest in the money or property lost due to the infidelity of the named employee.

We arrange Insurance solutions that cover
Financial loss sustained by the Insured due to any act of fraud or dishonesty of the employee in connection with his employment/occupation and his duties

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit insurance helps companies reach their goals by ensuring that their hard-won sales get converted to cash. After all sales is a journey and cash is the destination. Although Trade Credit insurance can help companies who sell their goods on open account basis, their protection is typically sought by manufacturers and wholesalers selling products on credit terms to domestic and/or foreign customers

Trade Credit Insurance can help companies
1. Protect their account receivables.
2. Expand sales to existing customers without increased risk.
3. Offer more competitive credit terms to new customers in new markets.
4. Help protects against potential restatement of earnings.
5. Optimize bank financing by insuring trade receivables.
6. Supplement credit risk management.

We arrange Insurance solutions that cover
  • Turnover Insurance: covers the entire turnover with individual limits for top buyers and a discretionary limit for the smaller buyers.
  • Top buyers Insurance: This policy provides coverage to the top large buyers of clients.

Trade Credit Insurance protects open accounts sales-export and domestic – against non-payment from the buyer resulting due to
  • Insolvency of the buyer: buyer legally declared insolvent or bankrupt
  • Protected default: Buyer fails to pay but is not declared insolvent
  • Political risk: Currency inconvertibility