Contractors Plant and Machinery (Fire Loss)

Contractors Plant & Machinery (Fire Loss)

On a construction site, it's the equipment that has the widest scope and the toughest nature of work; haulage of materials, excavating earth and debris, generating power uninterruptedly. In the midst of which even the most hardwearing and long-lasting machines can go kaput ,as they are working to full speeds and capacities on your project sites, resulting in weighty losses to your organization and also there are risks of working accidents, collision, overturning, fire, theft, burglary and also natural hazards such as earthquake and flood.
The CPM Policy is designed for all such situations and will assist in shielding you against the sudden and unexpected physical loss or damage to your plant and machinery.

We arrange Insurance solutions that cover
  • Comprehensive policy available for construction plant and machinery like bulldozers, cranes, compressors etc. against unforeseen and sudden physical damage to the property/insured item whether they are:

They are at work,

  • or at rest,
  • or being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning or overhauling,
  • or when being shifted within the premises, or subsequent re-erection.
  • But in any case only after successful commissioning, the insured can be the Owner/Contractor/User/ Banking Institution.