Life Insurance

Life Insurance


In today’s times it is very important to stay protected against the uncertainties of life. Therefore, having a suitable and adequate life insurance cover to protect your loved ones from any adversities, becomes all the more important. As a policyholder, it is also important to have a clear understanding of all the benefits of your life insurance policy and the various services offered by an insurance company, especially claims.

Claim is a request by the beneficiary to an insurance company asking for the payment of the claim amount, as per the terms of the insurance policy. Claim settlement is one of the many vital services that an insurance company provides. Insurance companies have an obligation to settle the claims promptly. Thus, it’s important to be aware of the claim settlement process for one’s own benefit, so that in case of any eventuality, the family can file for claim.


Death Claims
A claim filed by the beneficiary, post the death of the life insured. The beneficiary designated under the policy at the time of signing of the proposal form is entitled to get the policy benefits.

Maturity Claim
Maturity claim arises post completion of the term of the policy. Depending upon the type of policy, the insurance company pays the sum assured / final installment of the survival benefit along with any guaranteed addition or bonus (if any) to the policyholder, post submission of all the required documents.


It is advisable to intimate the claim to the Insurance Company at the earliest after the insured event happens.

In case a claim situation arises, you can do any the following;

  • Contact the respective life insurance branch office.
  • Contact your agent advisor
  • Call the respective Customer Care Helpline
  • Visit the Insurer's website for claims process assistance


Step 1
Complete the claim form

Complete the appropriate claim form depending on the nature of claim to be made. All details with respect to policy number, policyholder name, nominee details, bank account details, etc, should be duly filled.

Step 2
Arrange for appropriate documents

Based on the type of claim appropriate documents need to be provided attested by a Gazetted officer, Magistrate, Tehsildar, elc.

Step 3
Arrange for medical reports for medical related claims

In case of hospitalization or medical death related claims, produce all medical bills and treatment and diagnosis records issued by the attending physician qualified under the law to issue such a report

Step 4
Submit required documents along with the claim form

Once the requisite claim form is completed and documents are in place, submit them at the nearest branch office of the insurer. Alternatively, you can also send your documents by post to the insurance company or contact your agent advisor to submit the documents.

Step 5
Verification by the Insurance Company

An insurance company reviews the records, documents, and necessary forms submitted. In case claim warrants further verification, the same is completed by a company within reasonable time. Subsequently, when a final decision is taken, it is communicated to the beneficiary and the availability of documentation.

Step 6

A company honors its claim payments normally through a cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer as per the convenience of the beneficiary and the availability of documentation.


For Death Claim:

  • Death Certificate
  • Original Policy Pack
  • Claim Forms issued by the insurer
  • Photo Identity Proof of the beneficiary
  • Copy of Bank Passbook and/or a cancelled cheque

For Maturity Claims (On or after the date of maturity):

  • Original Policy Pack
  • Maturity Claim Form issued by the insurer
  • Copy of Bank Passbook and/or a cancelled cheque