Boiler and Pressure Plant

Boiler & Pressure Plant

The extreme temperatures and intense stresses in boiler and pressure plants demand the highest level of expertise and care. Operating at high temperatures and intense pressure, boilers and pressure plants in your factories are sensitive and vulnerable to explosion and can cause extensive collateral damage in the vicinity. It's an environment where even the smallest mistake can result in equipment failure and significant replacement costs.

To offset the business risk of such mishaps, the management can ensure timely protection through the Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance Policy.

We arrange solutions that cover
  • Physical loss or damage to boilers and/or other pressure plant against unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage due to explosion or implosion of the insured items.
  • Against the following contingencies :
  • Damage to the boiler and/or pressure plant due to explosion or implosion.
  • Damage to your other property arising out of above accident.
  • Legal liability towards damage to third-party property and/or personal injury arising out of above accident etc.